Callisto Dal Maso was born in 1912 in the hills of Arzignano.

Thanks to the firmness of his own ideas and his own entrepreneurial intuition he received, with sacrifices and tenacity, immediately after the war a series of successes that led to the creation in 1972 of the "Sabrina Tannery".


He is certainly among men who have led the process of industrial development in the land of Chiampo and, as appropriate recognition for his hard work during his lifetime, received in 1987 the title of Order of Merit for Labour.

The history of “Sabrina Tannery” takes a turn when, in the 70s, was born the first article for Shoe Upper: the KIPS, which helped the company to expand in international markets.
In the 80s the wide range of products reaches quality of excellence thanks to new techniques for leather finishing and it is in these years that Sabrina, thanks to the validity and variety of items produced and the technical structure of production, reach a leading position at international level.

Thanks to its four decades of experience and the strictness with which it is pursued a policy of quality, SABRINA is now a globally recognized that boasts important collaborations.


After the success of Conceria Sabrina experience, Callisto Dal Maso founded in 1977 Conceria Giada that specialized in the production of furnishing and clothing.

For over twenty years, Giada has met development and changes in the world market with increasingly effective and dynamic solutions, and today is the undisputed leader in its field. 

This enterpreneurial awareness and productive dynamism have led GIADA to expand its range of activity to the largest European countries, Asia, North and South America, even reaching far-off Australia, where the Giada Trademark is recognised as a synonym of quality and guarantee.

Callisto Dal Maso