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art VALENCIA -24/26pq half skin -thickness 1.1/1/1.3 - Nubuk leather with natural grain and soft and silky hand. Perfect for footwear.

art KIPS - 22/24pq half skin - thickness 1.1/1.3 -

Drummed leather with natural grain and aniling finishing. With soft feel and round hand it is perfect for any use.


art MENDOZA - 20/24pq half skin - thickness 1/1.2 -

Full grain leather with aniline finishing and bright effect.

With round hand and soft feel, it has a very elegant aspect.

Perfect for leather goods and any kind of footwear.

art STREET - 20/24pq half skin - thickness 1/1.2 -

Half grain leather withoily and waxed finishing with transparent pull up and shiny effect.

Perfectfor leather goods and ladies boots.

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