Conceria Giada is mainly engaged in the supply of leather for FORNITURE,HANDBAGS and AUTOMOTIVE after market.

Thanks to the experience of technical staff, today the company is able to invent innovative, competitive and always in step with the fashion products. It is this carachteristic that  has made this company so appraciated to stylists and architects from all around the world

Each skin is worked under the expert eye of master tanners who, for many years, provide the extreme structural and aesthetic quality of the products.

fields of use

FURNITURE: leather for furniture has to be a big skin that allow to cover a sofa without any tiresome seam. We produce resistant leather but at the same time elastic, suitable to the different objects to cover. Minimum surface of the skins are 4sqmt and they are perfect to cover leather sofas, armchairs, pouffs, as they are very easy to cut for the upholsterer.

CONTRACT: we are used to develop projects together with architects and designers, in order to specify the more suitable product at the best ratio between costs and results.
By putting into effect a unique set of skills and professional abilities, Conceria Giada is able to use leather in a 360 degrees production with tailor made products that are the direct expression of an unquestionable taste and high creativity. Natural leather never equals to itself, with results often beyond expectations.

Ram, Sierra, Linz, Cammeo, Fox, Dingo, Koala, Cuoietto, 1/2 
Ram, Fantasy, Drum

LEATHER GOODS: leather suitable for handbags have to be original and characteristic. we create, for this aim, leather that is always unique and personalized together with the customer..we produce stiff leather for little pochettes, but also very soft skins for big bags for day and night occasions.
On the other hand, leather for garment has essentially two characteristics: resistency and lightness. Based to the customer needs we can create whatever product since 0.3mm of thickness leaving the tear strengh unchanged.

AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET: we supply the automotive aftermarket by producing leather that accomply specific requirements and techincal needs and selling to a lot of wholesalers and warehouses around the world. Our leather give to customers the choice to customize and mantain their vehices assuring them to have high quality and reliable products.